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Our Teaching Staff

S.No Name of the Staff Designation
1 Mrs Kavita Jakher Principal
2 Mrs Suman Ghanghas Vice Principal
3 Mrs Alka PGT(Eco)
4 Mr Sanjay Kumar  PGT(Math) 
5 Mr Davinder Singh PGT( CSc)
6 Mr Narender Singh  PGT(PET)
7 Mr Pramod Kumar  PGT(Phy)
8 Mr Arvind PGT(His)
9 Mr Jayveer Sharma  PGT (Eng)
10 Mr Lalit Kumar PGT(Comm)
11 Mrs Prabjot Kaur PGT(Bio)
12 Mrs Suman Balhara PGT(Psy)
13 Mr Kuldeep Singh  PGT(Chem)
14 Mrs Navjot Kaur PGT(Eng)
15 Mrs Rani Mehta TGT(Skt)
16 Mrs Anju Chopra  TGT(Hindi)
17 Mr Subhash Soni TGT(PET)
18 Mrs Geeta Singh TGT(Hindi) 
19 Mrs Sushma Luthra TGT(Hindi)
20 Mrs Nipla Singh TGT(Hindi)
21 Mrs Mamta Chhabra TGT(Eng)
22 Mr Vinod Kumar TGT(Eng)
23 Mr Vikas Mohan TGT(Maths)
24 Mrs Madhu Taneja TGT(Maths)
25 Mrs Pushpa Rani TGT(Hist)
26 Mrs Lalita Taneja  TGT(Math) 
27 Mrs Geetu Mutreja  TGT(Hindi) 
28 Mr Karun TGT(Chem)  
29 Mrs Sushma Sharma  TGT(Hindi)  
30 Mr Mukesh Kumar  TGT (Hist) 
31 Mrs Anju Verma TGT (SSc)
32 Mrs Anju Ghanghas TGT (SSc)
33 Mrs Sima Poonia TGT(Sci) 
34 Mr Mandeep Kumar TGT(Eng) 
35 Mr Prashant  TGT(Sci)
36 Mrs Sarita Sharma  TGT(Eng) 
37 Ms Mamta Rani TGT(C.Sci.)
38 Ms Sushma Chaudhary TGT(Eng)
39 Mr Pradeep Kumar Boora TGT(Math) 
40 Mrs Lalita Dahiya TGT(Math) 
41 Mrs Priyanka Chahar TGT(Sci) Adhoc)
42 Mrs Sonu Kumari TGT(Sci) 
43 Mrs Suman Sihag TGT(Maths)
44 Mrs Nidhi TGT(Sci)
45 Mr Pradeep Kumar TGT(Maths)
46 Ms Pooja Kumari  TGT(Sst)
47 Mrs Neha Nagpal TGT(Sci)
48 Mrs Seema Batra  TGT(Lib)
49 Mrs Kamlesh Bhakar  TGT(Eng)
50 Miss Priyanka TGT(Counsellor)
51 Mr Amit Kumar  TGT(Maths)Adhoc
52 Ms Suman Kumari TGT(C.Sci) Adhoc
53 Mrs Shobha Singh TGT(Sci)
54 Mr Devender Kumar  TGT(S.Sci.)P.Time
55 Mrs Sakshi Rani TGT
56 Mr Hitesh Kumar TGT(Eng)
57 Mrs Rachna Poonia TGT(Maths)
58 Mr Suraj Mal PRT
59 Mr Manoj Kaushik PRT(Music)
60 Mrs Indu Sachdeva PRT
61 Mrs Rama Tandon PRT
62 Mrs Neelam Dhangar PRT
63 Mr Alok Sharma PRT
64 Mrs Meenakshi Sharma PRT
65 Mrs Kusum Sharma PRT
66 Mrs Ritu Arora PRT(C Sc)
67 Mr Rajender Singh PRT(PET)
68 Mrs Monika Lalit PRT(A&C)
69 Mrs Monika Chopra PRT
70 Mrs Sonia Arora PRT
71 Mrs Alka Kathuria  PRT (C.Sc)
72 Mrs Sapna Jakhar PRT(PET)
73 Mr Manoj Kumar PRT(PET)
74 Mrs Neelam Grewal PRT
75 Mrs Shalini PRT
76 Mrs Abha Tiwari  PRT 
77 Mrs Gayatri  PRT
78 Ms Seema Rani  PRT(Music)
79 Mrs Pooja Khurana PRT 
80 Mrs Nisha Dhamija  PRT 
81 Mrs Anamika Yadav  PRT 
82 Mrs Durgesh  PRT 
83 Mrs Sunita Chhabra  PRT 
84 Mrs Rajbala PRT Lib
85 Mrs Archana  PRT(Adhoc)
86 Mrs Neelam Takshak PRT
87 Mrs Punita Sihag PRT
88 Mrs Nandini  PRT
89 Mrs Shashi Takshak PRT
90 Mrs Jyoti Goswami PRT
91 Mrs Yashika PRT
92 Mrs Neetu Singh Nain PRT
93 Mrs Malka  PRT 
94 Mrs Babita Bhardwaj PRT
95 Mrs Sonia Tanwar PRT
96 Mrs Neha Gusain PRT
97 Mrs Shikha Verma  PRT
98 Miss Rani PRT
99 Mrs Minakshi Devanda PRT(Music)
100 Mrs Anupama Bahadur PRT
101 Ms Sunita Kmari PRT
102 Ms Surabhi Yadav PRT
103 Mrs Sonali Nair PRT (P. Time)
104 Mrs Prerna Rokaha PRT(P.Time)
105 Mrs Savita Phogat  PRT (P. Time)
106 Mrs Vimla Sharma  PRT(P.Time)
107 Mrs Deepa Yadav PRT(P.Time)
108 Mrs Asha Bisht PRT(P.Time)
109 Mrs Shashi kala PRT(P.Time)
110 Mrs Kritika Sharma  PRT(P.Time)
111 Mrs Kanta Yadav PRT(P.Time)

Principal's Message

Dear students, this is what School expects from all of you when you leave its portals. To become future leaders and achievers, one has to be supported by two integral traits of character - humility and integrity.

Humility, or the quality of genuine modesty and unpretentiousness, is often disregarded while describing traits of good leaders because it seems to suggest a lack of toughness and resolve. But humility must never be viewed as a weakness as it creates room for constant improvement. The other character trait is integrity that means to have honesty and consistency between one's words and action. Your behaviour and actions will be the key to your credibility. Every small perception of inconsistency will hurt trust...

Principal's Message