House And Club

Great stress is laid on the co-curricular and extra curricular and extra curricular activities which are essential for the all round development of a child. The students are divided into four Houses and all competitions are organised on the Inter-House basis.

The school has the following four Houses:-

Tagor Tagore Blue
Mother Teresa Mother Teresa Red
Gandhi Gandhi Yellow
Sarojini Naidu Sarojini Naidu Green

Principal's Message

Dear students, this is what School expects from all of you when you leave its portals. To become future leaders and achievers, one has to be supported by two integral traits of character - humility and integrity.

Humility, or the quality of genuine modesty and unpretentiousness, is often disregarded while describing traits of good leaders because it seems to suggest a lack of toughness and resolve. But humility must never be viewed as a weakness as it creates room for constant improvement. The other character trait is integrity that means to have honesty and consistency between one's words and action. Your behaviour and actions will be the key to your credibility. Every small perception of inconsistency will hurt trust...

Principal's Message